Learn more about how Guardian Landscape Lighting treats your lightscaping design as if it were a living work of art.

Landscape lighting design is an art form. Just like the work of any talented artist, quality results from firsthand experience gained from our many jobs.

Guardian Landscape Lighting has more than 25 years of working knowledge in landscape design and landscape lighting design. This expertise has been derived together, which is the ideal and natural process of learning any worthy artisanship.

All seasoned members of the Guardian staff are knowledgeable of the growth patterns and placement of various annual and perennial plants as well as shrubs and trees.

This vital intelligence is essential in yielding the most positive experience from your Floridian outdoor lifestyle in the neighborhood zones on which your property was mapped, Zones 9A and 9B.

We meticulously examine your landscape and hardscape environment when determining the appropriate product selection and placement. The correct lighting arrangements eliminate shadows and accentuate your various sculptures, fountains, arbors, and foliage of aesthetic planning.