Learn more about how Guardian Landscape Lighting develops your lightscaping installation.

When your lighting product order is placed, correctly fulfilled by our supplier, and immediately shipped directly to your residence, the installation is promptly scheduled based on the delivery date.

The highly professional Guardian Landscape Lighting installation team will complete the entire process from start to finish. Skilled installers expertly adapt to any challenging circumstances that may arise within your project.

Whether it is scaling trees, running conduit under hardscaped pathways and driveways, running electrical under docks, or installing dimmers, we have done it all! Guardian meets all your plans to exact specifications.

Guardian adheres to a methodical process throughout your entire product installation. Once the installation is complete, the inspection is performed in the evening when all lighting adjustments are made.

Guardian emphasizes the execution of the installation process to ensure a smooth operation throughout your project. This exemplifies our professionalism and dedication to excellence.

If you want your landscape lighting completed right the first time, Guardian is your preferred choice and is the standard in lightscaping!