Learn more about the superiority of the products Guardian Landscape Lighting uses within your lightscaping plan.

Guardian Landscape Lighting exclusively uses Lumien products, the highest-quality lighting products on the market. These sturdy products are accompanied by a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all fixtures.

Each fixture and its attachments are constructed from solid brass. They have been time-tested against harsh weather, corrosion, and erosion, which preserves the elegant lightscaping design.

Lumien light fixtures are 100% waterproof, preventing any moisture buildup in the humid Floridian environment. And all parts of each fixture are fully interchangeable in case any modifications are needed over time. This will save you significant time, hassle, and money during the life of your landscape lighting!

Hubs are placed in each zone for a consistent flow of illumination throughout. As your landscape matures, adjustments will be convenient to ensure the most optimum lighting aesthetics.